FNUniv student radio show to air on MBC

FNUniv student radio show to air on MBC

Connecting Through COVID is the theme of a half-hour student-produced radio show set to air on MBC Radio on Saturday night, the first of two broadcasts.

The program looks at how people have helped one another throughout the pandemic. Students in Indigenous Studies 393 at First Nations University of Canada reached out to people in the community, including a group of women did a beading project together online, a volunteer who delivered food to urban members of her Nation, and a northern broadcaster tasked with translating medical information into Cree. They also heard about the special challenges faced by an emergency room nurse, a child and family services worker and a youth care worker.

The project was carried out in INDG 393, with the support of Deborah Charles, CEO of the Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation. Students learned how to come up with story ideas, conduct interviews, edit audio and work collaboratively toward a final product.

Connecting Through COVID airs Saturday, Dec. 5 and Dec. 12, 2020 after the 8 p.m. CST News and Sports. You can listen live on your local MBC station or online at: