JRN 401 Week 12 – March 29




Business stories due today at 8:30 am

Commentary #1 due April 5 at 4:30 (you will have the class time and lab time to complete this assignment

Commentary #2 due April 11 at 8:30 am

Lab time moved to morning session – Mark will talk about freelancing

Class finished for the semester at 11:15 or whenever Mark wraps the freelancing session



Reference/resources for discussion from readings…


Columns – what are they?

Columns have topics and themes.

  • Topics are person, place, thing (issue, initiative, etc.)
  • Theme is your point!


What is Rick’s topic?

What is his theme?


  1. Column idea – go through the class and hear ideas for columns: topic and theme



Columns have a clearly defined point and a clearly defined point of view

What’s the difference?



Research – columns must be based on solid research: facts, quotations, citations, data from sources and personal experience/observation

Secondary research…

Primary research – going to the scene, interviews, observation; knowledge that comes from your experience – lets you include sensory information

What’s a bit of sensory information you could include in your column?



Openings = hooks or entices the reader to  grab readers’ attention

For each of your column ideas, what would be an example of each of the above?





What will be your voice?

Suggestion – each of you should make one of your columns humourous



Open – suggests conclusion

Closed – states conclusion


How will you end your column?



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