JRN 401 Week 1 – Jan. 12

WEEK 1: January 12



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  • Student Questionnaires
  • Internships
  • Goals/Objectives

Course Description:  JRN 401 Advanced Print Journalism course description: This fourth-semester course focuses on specialized reporting of news and current affairs, and writing of opinion pieces and editorials. Students are expected to bring an analytical approach to the course following the internship experience, monitor major print media coverage of particular issues, and research and investigate publishable stories independently.



  • Reporting on Health Issues

In fall, 2013 Trudy Lieberman, past president of the Association of Health Care Journalists in the U.S., visited four Canadian Cities as a Fulbright Scholar and guest of EvidenceNetwork.ca. In this talk, co-hosted with the George & Fay Yee Centre For Healthcare Innovation (www.chimb.ca), Trudy discusses key tools for researchers communicating their work to the public.


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JRN 401 Communicating Canadian Health Policy in the Media, 2013


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JRN 401 Making Evidence Matter in Canadian Health Policy, 2014



Mental Health – the following two videos feature Lyndon Macintyre (1:41) and Andre Picard, G&M; Karen Pauls, CBC News and Michael Kirby, Parters for Mental Health (4:29)


“Embracing Voices in the Head,” produced by Duncan McCue, CBC News, Dec. 16, 2015


Assignment for next class:

  • SPJ Case Studies – Each student will select one case (see options at http://www.spj.org/ecs14.asp – each student should take a different case study) and be prepared to present it in our next class and discuss which ethical standards it raises (see SPJ and CAJ code of ethics) and be prepared to discuss how the ethical questions are resolved.


Reading assignment for next class:

  • Review “Speak Up, Speak Out: A Toolkit for Reporting on Human Rights Issues” available at http://www.internews.org/sites/default/files/resources/Internews_SpeakUpSpeakOut_Full.pdf or click here JRN 401 Internews_SpeakUpSpeakOut_Full pp. 121-130
























How to Write a Snappy Op-Ed, Evidence Network or Click here JRN 401 How-to-Write-a-Snappy-OpEd


CPAC Digital Archive http://www.cpac.ca/en/digital-archives/

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